Mr Gato has an Okker cousin

Well I’m so tired of crying

But I’m out on the road again

I’m on the road again..

Canned Heat (Floyd Jones and Alan Wilson)

After a long European tour Mr Gato was retired to a new home in Mazan, Provence where he was lovingly restored by Regine and Bernard Arrigi and family. Or possibly sold on at a profit. One way or the other he will be churning along the highways and byways of Europe with the wind in his sails (wrong metaphor?) and the sun on his back. We found his co-conspirator on the Sunshine Coast in Australia – Mr Gato Downunder. Of course their personalities differ. Mr Gato liked to splutter and cough along occasionally digging his heels in beside some sun drenched spot – refusing to leave such a wonderful place. Some of our best adventures in Italy came from such occasions. Anyway different story, different place.

Mr Gato DU trundles along without a complaint (well there was that flat tyre in Normanton) thanks to the great services of Charlie Palmer and his crew at Bosch Auto, Maroochydore. He has seen a bit of outback and Northern Queensland and the Queensland coast, he has wined and dined his way through the Hunter Valley, across NSW, central and northern, Victoria and into the McLaran Vale, Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills of South Australia. This trip though he has decided to take us to Sydney and through central NSW, Victoria, S.A. then across the Nullabor Plain and into Western Australia and Margaret River. If he has the energy he may take us up the WA coast and across the Top End. The journey begins.

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