Till They Sparkle

Hatley Park – the home of a thousand windows
Till They Sparkle

By Mike Brooke

The house stands tall and Georgian proud.
All red brick and square set windows
That must be cleaned. The London crowd
Are coming, a bunch of arty weirdos

Five hundred different panes of glass
Dusty, smeared with spiders work 
High up the wall my ladders fast
The sweat sticks to my shirt.

The pros have come to do the church
I ask them what’s the secret 
To windows free of streaks and dirt 
They answer “Fairy bloody liquid”.

3 thoughts on “Till They Sparkle

  1. Hi, happy belated Easter!!

    Poor old Mr Gato, could have sold him to us and we could have picked up the legacy!!

    Hope all is well! Hayley still looking as good!

    Cc’ing P so he can reply Xxx

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. My English is unfortunately not good enough to understand all the subtleties, but I am happy to meet a poet among my friends. But still, 500 windows to clean, better remain poet !


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